Not everyone likes the rain. We’ve prepared five silver linings for golfers facing rain clouds.

It’s almost never raining all day.

It’s true! Many of our rainy day players enjoy some time in the clubhouse between rain showers. 
Spacious enough to accommodate several parties of golfers, our clubhouse is a great place to socialize and enjoy some refreshments while waiting out the rain.

Puddles-as-ball-washers are never far away.

Rain makes mud. Mud makes golf balls unhappy. Luckily, you can dunk your balls in one of the many nearby puddles that’ll surely form. Clean balls are happy balls.

Great shots are even greater in the rain!

There are few things in sports more common than one-upmanship: that competitive need to make ever-growing claims of grandeur. The hazards of inclement weather and its effects on the course and the player can only add to one’s bragging rights when a great shot is made.

Rain’s a great excuse for terrible shots.

On the other side of the coin, poor visibility, compromised gripping ability, and other rain related factors can easily be used to explain away some awful shots. 

The course is open.

In fact, we’re open most every day! There are no rain checks at Lavalinks, though we might have to consider a raincoat check room soon! Whether the skies are cloudy or clear, we’ll be here – join us for some fun today! 

Curious about the weather here anyway? Give us a call!