Losing your balls: a fate many dread. Aside from the hit to your score,

 an especially challenging course can put a strain on your wallet. Balls aren’t free, after all. While you might hear a lot of advice on using a certain club, stance, or swing to avoid hazards and rough, there’s one piece of advice that’s most often overlooked. We’ll get to that in a moment, but first, let’s take a look at some shots taken here at Lavalinks that just might be headed for the brush.

It is widely preached that power control undoubtedly plays an important role in golfing success, and by extension, avoiding the jeers that accompany lost balls. Shot accuracy is also a widely understood virtue, and its development will lead to fewer lost balls, but there’s one lesson that is more widely understood – yet is often ignored by the novice. Even more experienced players find themselves fumbling through the brush from time to time. Accuracy and control aren’t everything. Have a look at these players extricating themselves from unfavorable positions during a recent visit to Lavalinks.

What’s the secret to saving one’s balls? Well, let’s take another look at the pictures we’ve presented so far. Can you spot the ball in each shot? Good. Keep your eye on the ball. 
Keep your eye on the ball. 

Keep your eye on the ball.

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