If Bocce’s got you confused, read on.

It’s possible you’ve never heard of Bocce. Perhaps you’ve heard people talking about Bocce and wondered, “why are these people so enthusiastic about bad luck?”

  • Bachi (罰,【バチ】) , a near homophone to Bocce, is a Japanese word used commonly in Hawaii in reference to a curse or instance of divine retribution.

What the heck is this Bocce stuff?

Bocce is an italian refinement of an ancient European game which modern onlookers might easily mistake as “Horseshoes with Bowling Balls”. If that doesn’t sound cool enough for a lawn game, it’s definitely possible to play this game with a drink in your hand. It’s also a great source for timely puns.

What does it take to play Bocce?

Though typical courts are drawn upon asphalt, you can pretty much play Bocce wherever you have the space – provided you have the balls for it.

How do I play Bocce?

It’s pretty simple.

  • First, players form two teams and take turns trying to be the first to throw a little ball (known as a jack) into an arbitrary area at the far end of the court.
  • Then, players take turns throwing bigger balls toward the little ball from their team’s set of four bigger balls.
  • Once every ball has been thrown, the team with a ball closest to the jack earns points equal to the number of of balls which were closer to the jack than any other opposing ball. This process is called a frame, and repeats until a predetermined score is reached.

How do I win at Bocce?

Bocce will be a featured part of competition at our upcoming Hacker and Slackers Labor Day Fiesta Trifecta! For information about rules, strategy, and history of Bocce, check out this helpful wikipedia entry and its accompanying links.