In case you missed it: Our Independence Day tournament for 2017 was just the beginning.

We kicked off our summer event schedule here at Lavalinks with our first-ever Firecracker Golf Invitational, a three round contest taking place on the first six holes! Dozens of contestants competed in ever-challenging rounds for their choice of credit and  prizes from our event sponsors Aloha Bean Coffee Company, Build It Green, and Golf Treasures.

Photo credit: Johnny Mack Photography
Top 4 Contestants, Left-to-Right: Baker, Merrit, Jean, Nolen

The final round began soon after our delicious (seriously, we’re sorry if you missed it) lunch concluded, and ended with four contestants earning  top three scores:

  1. Sunny Baker
  2. Jim Nolen
  3. Josh Jean and Patrick Merritt

Top contestants in all four divisions:

Division 1
Division 2
Sunny Baker
Mikale Hudson
Jim Nolen
Tim Pittman
Josh Jean |
Patrick Merrit
Trista Adamson


Division 3
Division 4
Damon Adamson
Sean Cowell
Rusty Calhoon
Rodney Lover


Special thanks to Johnny Mack Photography, which provided all still images used in our coverage of this event.

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  • kim d pinkerton

    I hope I am not over stepping my boundaries by saying so far for 2017 the Firecracker tournament has been the event of the year, now the challenge is can we do better? Wish us luck! Thank you all. Krazy Kim

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