Great Organic Lavalinks Farm Home of the island's most exciting Pitch and Putt Course Mon, 07 May 2018 04:35:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Go with the flow at Lavalinks! Mon, 07 May 2018 04:35:52 +0000 What’s Lavalinks? Great Organic Lavalinks Farm boasts outdoor gaming accommodations without sacrificing agricultural productivity. It’s also the first permaculture farm to host its own sporting club, Lavalinks.

Lavalinks members enjoy outdoor sports and seasonal activities among our functional and beautifully landscaped farm grounds. Here’s a playful video showcasing fun times with Lavalinks!

Incredible Archived Footage Sparks Revelation For 2018 Wed, 06 Dec 2017 22:25:21 +0000 Krazy Kim recently received a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past, who shared this memory:

Finding the Dickensian twist here is intended as a reader exercise, but this video should bring a fact or two to our attention:

  • Krazy Kim knows volleyball.
  • Krazy Kim knows burgers.

This may also help us answer a serious question: Now that we’ve switched from sand greens to verdant greens, what are we going to do with all this sand?

Volleyball is coming to Lavalinks! Follow us on facebook for upcoming information on how you can contribute to this 2018 project.

Rainy season got you down? Here’s 5 reasons to suck it up and golf in the rain! Fri, 17 Nov 2017 22:05:21 +0000 Not everyone likes the rain. We’ve prepared five silver linings for golfers facing rain clouds.

It’s almost never raining all day.

It’s true! Many of our rainy day players enjoy some time in the clubhouse between rain showers. 
Spacious enough to accommodate several parties of golfers, our clubhouse is a great place to socialize and enjoy some refreshments while waiting out the rain.

Puddles-as-ball-washers are never far away.

Rain makes mud. Mud makes golf balls unhappy. Luckily, you can dunk your balls in one of the many nearby puddles that’ll surely form. Clean balls are happy balls.

Great shots are even greater in the rain!

There are few things in sports more common than one-upmanship: that competitive need to make ever-growing claims of grandeur. The hazards of inclement weather and its effects on the course and the player can only add to one’s bragging rights when a great shot is made.

Rain’s a great excuse for terrible shots.

On the other side of the coin, poor visibility, compromised gripping ability, and other rain related factors can easily be used to explain away some awful shots. 

The course is open.

In fact, we’re open most every day! There are no rain checks at Lavalinks, though we might have to consider a raincoat check room soon! Whether the skies are cloudy or clear, we’ll be here – join us for some fun today! 

Curious about the weather here anyway? Give us a call!

    Add a hundred yards to your drive by making one small change to your golf swing! Sat, 28 Oct 2017 02:01:50 +0000 In this video, keep an eye on the ball. Every great swing involves eye contact with the ball.

    We really can’t stress that enough. Failing that, just do it like a samurai:

    Lose balls up to 100% less often with this simple tip the pros don’t want you to know! Tue, 24 Oct 2017 20:13:48 +0000 Losing your balls: a fate many dread. Aside from the hit to your score,

     an especially challenging course can put a strain on your wallet. Balls aren’t free, after all. While you might hear a lot of advice on using a certain club, stance, or swing to avoid hazards and rough, there’s one piece of advice that’s most often overlooked. We’ll get to that in a moment, but first, let’s take a look at some shots taken here at Lavalinks that just might be headed for the brush.

    It is widely preached that power control undoubtedly plays an important role in golfing success, and by extension, avoiding the jeers that accompany lost balls. Shot accuracy is also a widely understood virtue, and its development will lead to fewer lost balls, but there’s one lesson that is more widely understood – yet is often ignored by the novice. Even more experienced players find themselves fumbling through the brush from time to time. Accuracy and control aren’t everything. Have a look at these players extricating themselves from unfavorable positions during a recent visit to Lavalinks.

    What’s the secret to saving one’s balls? Well, let’s take another look at the pictures we’ve presented so far. Can you spot the ball in each shot? Good. Keep your eye on the ball. 
    Keep your eye on the ball. 

    Keep your eye on the ball.

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    Hacker and Slackers: Final Results Tue, 05 Sep 2017 05:00:07 +0000 Beneath the heat of this summer’s ‘last day’, the grueling competition here at Lavalinks has finally ended! As usual, more than half of our contestants received prizes from our generous sponsors!

    Our final event of the summer turned out to be our best of the season! With more entrants and spectators than ever before, we thank our loyal members for breaking the first rule of Fight Club telling their friends about us.

    Let’s congratulate the following players who completed the First Annual Hacker and Slackers Labor Day Fiesta Trifecta:

    Player rankings, names and scores by group:

    Group 1:

    1. Jim Nolen and Patrick Merritt, 26
    2. Jimmy Adamson, 31

    Group 2:

    1. Krazy Kim, 29
    2. David Harley and Josh Jean, 33

    Group 3:

    1. Rodney Lover, 27
    2. Peter Reimer, 31
    3. Damon Adamson, 33
    4. Sean Fendt, 36

    Group 4:

    1. Mikale Hudson, 30
    2. Trista Adamson, 34
    3. Sunny Baker, 35
    4. Scott Baker, 37

    Group 5:

    1. Sean Cowell, 30
    2. Tamara Hudson, 34
    3. Chuck Ross, 38

    Group 6, Jungle Golf:

    1. Crissy Nolen, 20 and Richard Reister, 21
    2. Rusty Calhoon and Deborah Koval, 35

    Group 7:

    1. Celeste! (38)
    2. Bob Passafiume, 40
    3. Jimmy Meatball, 42
    Hacker and Slackers: Round One Mon, 04 Sep 2017 22:07:25 +0000 Here’s the grouping for the first round of competition today at Lavalinks:

    Group 1:

    • Patrick Merritt
    • John Reilly
    • Jim Nolen
    • Jimmy Adamson

    Group 2:

    • Krazy Kim
    • David Harley
    • Josh Jean
    • John Robinson

    Group 3:

    • Sean Fendt
    • Rodney Lover
    • Damon Adamson
    • Pete Reimer

    Group 4:

    • Trista Adamson
    • Scott Baker
    • Sunny Baker
    • Mikale Hudson

    Group 5:

    • Tamara Hudson
    • Sean Cowell
    • Jason Stearman
    • Chuck Ross

    Group 6 (Disc Golf):

    • Crissy Nolen
    • Richard Reister
    • Rusty Calhoon
    • Deborah Koval

    Group 7:

    • Celeste!
    • Bob Passafiune
    • Charisse!
    • Jimmy Meatball

    Our latecomers made up Group 8:

    • Stan Hancock
    • Kim Fendt
    • Marc Berar
    • Mike Egan


    Good luck to our contestants during the next round!

    Hacker, Slackers: Are You Ready? Sat, 02 Sep 2017 23:44:21 +0000 With our Labor Day event within sight, here’s a quick reminder and checklist for the slackers.

    Registration for the Hacker and Slackers Labor Day Fiesta Trifecta begins at 9 AM. Contestant fees may be paid in cash at that time. Additionally, remember to bring some jungle golfing equipment including:

    • Throwing discs
    • Golf balls and tees
    • Golf clubs

    Equipment rental options are available; call us for information.

    Contestants are encouraged to arrive in an outstanding Caddyshack costume, but are reminded to consider the use of personal weather protection:

    • Rain protection: umbrella, poncho, etc.
    • Sun protection: sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, etc.

    Participants in our matching Dish Contest and Potluck are encouraged to make note of any major food allergens included in ingredients of their submissions.

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    The End of Summer (Operating Hours) Mon, 14 Aug 2017 20:20:24 +0000 We’re grateful to the many visitors who took advantage of the longer days with us this summer! With the end of summer approaching, so comes the end of our summer operating hours. Don’t fret; we’re still open every day – including Free Group Play Sundays! To make sure nobody’s left in the dark on our courses, final rounds of the day will begin no later than 4:00 PM.

    For those of you who haven’t experienced the most talked-about outdoor event series in town, your last chance is coming! Hacker and Slackers Labor Day Fiesta Trifecta, the final event of our summer season, is scheduled for September 4, 2017 at 9:00 AM.

    Bocce Has Nothing To Do With Bad Luck Sun, 13 Aug 2017 17:17:17 +0000 If Bocce’s got you confused, read on.

    It’s possible you’ve never heard of Bocce. Perhaps you’ve heard people talking about Bocce and wondered, “why are these people so enthusiastic about bad luck?”

    • Bachi (罰,【バチ】) , a near homophone to Bocce, is a Japanese word used commonly in Hawaii in reference to a curse or instance of divine retribution.

    What the heck is this Bocce stuff?

    Bocce is an italian refinement of an ancient European game which modern onlookers might easily mistake as “Horseshoes with Bowling Balls”. If that doesn’t sound cool enough for a lawn game, it’s definitely possible to play this game with a drink in your hand. It’s also a great source for timely puns.

    What does it take to play Bocce?

    Though typical courts are drawn upon asphalt, you can pretty much play Bocce wherever you have the space – provided you have the balls for it.

    How do I play Bocce?

    It’s pretty simple.

    • First, players form two teams and take turns trying to be the first to throw a little ball (known as a jack) into an arbitrary area at the far end of the court.
    • Then, players take turns throwing bigger balls toward the little ball from their team’s set of four bigger balls.
    • Once every ball has been thrown, the team with a ball closest to the jack earns points equal to the number of of balls which were closer to the jack than any other opposing ball. This process is called a frame, and repeats until a predetermined score is reached.

    How do I win at Bocce?

    Bocce will be a featured part of competition at our upcoming Hacker and Slackers Labor Day Fiesta Trifecta! For information about rules, strategy, and history of Bocce, check out this helpful wikipedia entry and its accompanying links.